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Scott Ward is an old-school artisan metal worker, with experience of tig welding in a range of metals and creating made-to-order items from commercial greenhouses, gates, motorbikes and trikes to catering grills and decorative items.

Scott’s washing poles are of the over-engineered, solid-as-a-rock type still standing in Victorian gardens.  They can probably be dented and bent and maybe they’ll rust too if you run them over with a tractor but otherwise, no, they are not going to rust and they are going to last longer than most of us.

They are more expensive than other washing poles because of their quality: 42mm outside diameter and wall thickness of 3 mm; typically 8.5 kilos; 70 microns of galvanised steel – both inside and outside of the pole; solid cast decorative tops; beautiful tig welding; internal welding of cross pieces; and a local installation service available including replacement of old/broken poles without having to relocate or remove existing foundations.  Each pole is individually hand made so expect attention to detail and minor variations.