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About Our Poles

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About Our Poles

Our standard poles are steel, galvanised to 70 microns inside and outside – built to last whether they are painted or not.  Powder coating on top of galvanising is available for those who like the belt and braces approach to washing pole longevity.  Powder coating gives a long lasting, maintenance free and more regular finish than galvanising on its own.

Each pole has a four-prong washing line winder – welded on the inside of the pole so that the weld is hidden.  There are two small, drilled holes near the top that allow the galvanising process to treat the inside as well as the outside of the pole.  Decorative tops are solid cast steel and are artisan tig welded to our poles.

Our standard pole length is 2.4 meters which allows approximately 500mm for ground insertion.  The outside diameter is a sturdy 42mm and decorative tops are designed to complement this.   The overall weight of a galvanised pole is 8.5 to 9 kilogrammes.

The environmentally friendly way to dry your clothes

Outdoor natural drying is by far the least expensive, freshest, most environmentally friendly and most pleasant way to dry your laundry.

You’ll never need to depend on a machine or to buy another dryer.  You’ll use no electricity so benefit the planet and save money.  You’ll love the sun filtering through your sheets as you peg them out.  Your laundry will have that great naturally fresh fragrance and you’ll feel good about yourself too.  Even on days when there’s a bit of rain, in British wind, it only takes a couple of hours to dry a typical family wash.


Poles must be set in concrete to be stable, safe and capable of supporting washing on a windy day.  Pole to Pole recommends 500mm of pole is below ground level and we can install poles from Glasgow to Ayrshire.  Cost depends on the number of poles, location, type of ground and whether old poles are being replaced.  To get a quote, please choose your poles on our Design Your Poles Page or phone us on 07943 189635.

To install your own poles, you will need ground holes of approximately 500mm deep and 300mm in diameter.  Postcrete should be used to set the pole and fill the hole to the level of the surrounding ground.  Use a spirit level to check that they are straight and hold or tether them to prevent even the slightest movement until the Postcrete sets.  We recommend that you leave another 48 hours before use for the Postcrete to set thoroughly – beyond being simply dry on the surface.  Youtube videos and online advice on doing this are abundant.

The following prices are indications only for installation of our poles in grass areas.  When ordering your poles, if you opt for our installation service, Scott will phone you to discuss the job and he may ask for photographs or a description of the installation area.  Scott is also able to install his poles to replace old or pre-existing poles in many situations.  Again, he will phone you to discuss.  Final installation prices are to be agreed by phone.

For installation in grass:

1 pole  £100
2 poles £175
3 poles £225
4 poles £275

Pole to Pole is a one-man artisan business

Scott Ward creates poles to your specifications.  Please allow up to three weeks from the time of ordering for your poles to arrive.  This allows time for fabrication, galvanising, powder coating and delivery.   To arrange fitting, Scott will phone you after you have placed your order.

Other artisan welding, repairs, creations and design work including security grills for domestic and commercial premises – please phone!